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4/10/2015 - Judiciary Committee Public Hearing

Chase T. Rogers Renomination Hearing To Serve As Chief Justice
Chase T Rogers, Renomination Hearing 2015
This 12+ hour Judiciary Committee video features the consideration of Chase T. Rogers, current Chief Justice of Connecticut's Supreme Court for her renomination to a second 8-year term. The Chief Justice serves a dual role as both the top jurist of our highest state court, but also as the head of our state Judicial Branch, directing the efforts of thousands of employees and an annual budget exceeding $600 million. Following her statements, there was public testimony for and against renomination.

One thing becomes clear after watching this testimony — there appears to be some very real problems in our state courts, regardless of which attorney/jurist is tasked with heading up the effort. If even a small portion of the testimony is to be believed, malfeasance appears to have infiltrated nearly every aspect of the judicial system, bottom to top, and the public appears to have lost confidence. To restore that confidence, real changes will need to be evident - and soon.  

Senate Chair Eric Coleman, Esq. (D) 00:00:00
Judge William B. Rush (Fairfield) 00:03:45
Judge Robert F. Vacchelli (Glastonbury) 00:15:00
Judge Robin Pavia (Easton) 00:48:40
Judge James W. Abrams (Meriden) 01:27:20
Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers (Old Lyme) 02:25:15
Atty. Susan O. Storey, Chief Public Defender  >> See Note Below 06:13:40
Atty. Kevin T. Kane, Chief State's Attorney  >> See Note Below 06:30:15
Atty. William H. Clendenen, Jr. 06:33:55
Atty. Paul Greenan (Stamford) 06:43:00
Atty. Priya Morganstern, Director Pro Bono Partnership 07:07:30
Mr. Roger Emerick (Glastonbury) 07:11:40
Mr. Adam McNiece (East Lyme) 07:16:10
Mrs. Maureen Martowska, J.D. (Mass) 07:20:50
Miss Jennifer Verraneault (Branford) 07:33:55
Atty. Frederic S. Ury   >> See Note Below 07:49:25
Mr. Sylvestor Traylor (Oxford) Exhibit 07:53:12
Atty. Steven Eppler-Epstein 08:07:00
Mr. John Clapp 08:13:40
Ms. Cheryl Martone 08:17:45
Mr. Louis Roman (Bridgeport) 08:22:00
Mr. Michael Porzio 08:32:30
Mr. Harold Wilson 08:38:05
Mr. Scott Buden 08:42:45
Ms. Kathryn Sorrentino 08:51:20
Ms. Jeryl Gray 09:05:30
Ms. Linda Palermo 09:11:05
Ms. Marisa Ringel (Southport) 09:16:00
Mr. Daniel M. Lynch (Trumbull) 09:20:10
Ms. Susan Skipp (Litchfield) 09:40:00
Atty. Francis J. Brady (Granby) 09:45:50
Mr. Henry J. Martocchio 09:49:20
Ms. Jane Doe 09:53:50
Mr. Paul Koch (Old Greenwich) 09:57:20
Mr. Hector Morera 10:02:00
Mr. Bill Mulready (Bridgeport), Equal and the Same 10:06:10
Mr. Joey Watley (Thomaston) 10:11:05
Ms. Marjorie Partch 10:20:25
Ms. Ges Elbay? 10:26:00
Mr. Albert Cuseo (Westport) 10:33:45
Ms. Melissa Harris 10:40:10
Public Hearing Closes 10:50:30
Judiciary Committee Meeting Convenes 10:53:10

You can follow this link if you wish to browse the Judiciary Testimony for 04/10/2015. If a name appearing above appears as a link, you can use that link to directly access their testimony as posted on the Judiciary Committee Web site. Additional written testimony may be available on the Judiciary Committee Web site for those who either chose not to present oral testimony or may have been unable to given the duration of the public hearing. One additional advocate opposing the renomination, Elizabeth A. Richter, had shared her recorded testimony prior to the hearing because she was unable to attend.

The public hearing lasted nearly 11 hours. During that time, the first 80-85 minutes were for renomination of four Superior Court Judges (or Judge Trial Referee). The testimony of Chase T. Rogers, including questions and answers, was approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes in length. Following the question/answer portion of the hearing, 7 attorney's and 2 non-attorneys spoke in support of Chase Rogers, and 23 individuals spoke in opposition (including 2 attorneys), with 3 others voicing concerns about the judicial system, but not voicing specific opposition or support of renomination. 

Special Note: From a 'Full Disclosure' perspective, it might have been good for a few of those individuals who gave oral testimony in support of the renomination to have mentioned that they had been appointed by the Chief Justice to serve as a member of one or more Judicial Branch Committees, Commissions or Boards. For example: Attorney's Kevin T. Kane, Susan O. Storey, and Frederick S. Ury serve as members of the Public Service and Trust Commission.

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  1. Agree with your sentiments. It appears that malfeasance brought to their attention is used to cut deals behind the scenes. I do not mind big government but when the governmental mechanisms put in place to protect people are ineffective or outright do not do their job, what is the use of having complaint departments, Thanks Pat for creating this website.