Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Connecticut Family Court Corruption Discussed at Public Forum Held at State Capital

Several brave parents appeared in Hartford on Tuesday, February 5, 2019 to give public testimony at a special event about the 'Family Court System & Parental Alienation Informational Forum and Public Hearing.' It's difficult testimony to listen to, but it exposes some of the practices that are commonplace in the Connecticut Superior Court each and every day in all eight counties of Connecticut. Sadly, we are aware of several parents who wanted to speak, but were and are so fearful of retaliation by judges and others, that they remained silent for fear that speaking out might jeopardize their ability to see their children.

If Chief Justice Richard A. Robinson had the courage to do the right thing, he would immediately commence an internal and open review of the ongoing practices that have eroded public faith in our entire judicial system. Retaliation is reality, but is done in a careful way to fly under the radar. Give the testimony a listen. You can judge for yourself if you think these are just individuals with nothing better to do with their time (as the Judicial Branch likes to suggest, calling them 'disgruntled litigants.'). This is discussed every legislative session, but what will it take for our elected officials to actually do something? Many of them are practicing attorneys and are reluctant (some have confessed scared) to vote against their careers.

You can jump right to some brief closing remarks by Rep. Michael DiMassa, Rep. Minnie Gonzalez and at this link, including the important comment by Speaker of the House Joseph Aresimowicz about notice of judicial retaliation.

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